3D Interior Decorator

Interior Design in 3D

Design and decorate your projects interactivily.

Using the RocketChairs software you get the ability to do your own interior designing in 3D with accurate models of furniture and upholstery. Build your own space and decorate it with your favorite furniture in no time.


Share your result on various platforms.

Take snapshots and create a slideshow, or maybe you want the parts list of your entire decoration? With RocketChairs software you can easily share your results by e-mail, creating PDF documents or converting your entire project to Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations.


Generate parts list or quotes.


Convert project to PowerPoint.


RocketChairs for Android - Install free from Google Play on your Android tablet.


RocketChairs for IOS - Install free from AppStore on your iPad.


RocketChairs for Windows - running directly from your browser.


RocketChairs for Mac - running directly from your browser.

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